Phase 1 - Plan

What we will do:

•  Learn about your website project
•  Send you our project planner

What we will need from you:

•  Tell us about your web project
•  Sign our web project contract
•  Complete our project planner
•  50% of the payment up front

Phase 2 - Design

What we will do:

•  Create design mock-ups
•  Make your design changes

What we will need from you:

•  Review the mock-up
•  Suggest your design changes

(up to two rounds of revisions included)

•  All of your content (text + images)

Phase 3 - Develop

What we will do:

•  Code the layout in HTML5 + CSS3
•  Develop & program special features
•  Fill in the site with your content
•  Set up basic SEO optimization

What we need from you:

•  Login info for your domain & hosting

(if these have already been purchased)

Phase 4: Test

What we will do:

•  Test & verify all links
•  Spell check & review for typos
•  Browser & device checks
•  Install Google Analytics code

What we will need from you:

•  Review the test link
•  Give final approval to launch site
•  Remaining 50% of the payment

Phase 5: Launch

What we will do:

•  Set up or transfer domain & hosting

(if these have not already been purchased)

•  Upload your files & make the site live
•  Send you a copy of all your files

What we will need from you:

•  Enjoy your new site!

Phase 6: Follow Up

What we will do:

•  Reach out to you about a month later
•  Provide the first month's analytics
•  Consult about the site's future
•  Make any small changes if needed

What we will need from you:

•  Decide if maintenance will be needed
•  Provide any small changes needed
•  Decide if marketing support is needed

Now Scheduling Projects To Begin In September 2017.

We would love to start working with every client on their website right away, however, our studio is small and prides itself on a very detailed, thorough and personalized design process. We take on a limited number of projects at one time so we can dedicate our time and effort to our current clients to make sure they get their perfect website delivered on time. If you are interested in working with us and would like your project to take the next available start date, please request a quote to get started.

Our Process

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into creating a website? At Naturally Design we want to take the guesswork out of how our time is spent working on your website design project. That is why we developed a streamlined series of steps to make sure your website is created efficiently, with your brand's goals in mind and delivered on time. We view working with you on your project as a partnership. There will be some things that we will need from you in order to make the process run smoothly, but don't worry; we'll do all the heavy lifting! While each project is unique to the client's needs, above is our typical process.

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