Website Design + Development

We design and develop each and every client's website from the ground up to ensure it matches the organization's brand and accomplishes the goals the client desires.

Our studio offers three options when it comes to building your website. These options include a static HTML website, a website built within a content management system or an e-commerce website. All of the websites we build are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly as well as have basic on-page search engine optimization.

Blog Design + Development

At Naturally Design we offer custom designed blogs for both indivduals pursing a dream or organizations looking to expand their website by adding additonal content.

All of the blogs we build are developed in Wordpress. We work closely with our clients to make sure the blogs we design blend seamlessly with their company's existing branding or for indivduals, that the design showcases their personality. Also included is the Wordpress set-up and Wordpress training and support if needed.

Email Marketing Services

We offer email marketing support including mailing list sign-up forms, maintenance of your subscriber list through a third party software as well as custom designed HTML e-mail templates to promote your company.

To make it easier on you, we will schedule the email for you and then provide feedback with the results of the email, while complying with anti-spam laws.

Updates & Maintenance

If you need some extra help making small changes to your website, we can do that too. Updates include posting new or changing content not redesigning the website or changing any large design elements.

Updates will cost $50 per hour (a minimum of a ½ hour of work is required) billed at the beginning of each month that you request changes or additions to your website.

Now Scheduling Projects To Begin In September 2017.

We would love to start working with every client on their website right away, however, our studio is small and prides itself on a very detailed, thorough and personalized design process. We take on a limited number of projects at one time so we can dedicate our time and effort to our current clients to make sure they get their perfect website delivered on time. If you are interested in working with us and would like your project to take the next available start date, please request a quote to get started.

Website Design and Online Marketing Services

A well designed and easy to navigate website is a crucial part of business in today's market to make it easier for consumers to put their trust in you and ultimately take action. Naturally Design offers a wide variety of website design and digital marketing services to fully support your business' online goals. We work with you one on one to make sure your website or blog conveys your brand's message and is unique to set you apart from your competitors. From simple affordable solutions to more extensive e-commerce sites, no two businesses have the same design requirements, that is why all of our websites are custom designed and developed.

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